CEF Lyncx

Providing a diverse range of after-school educational and capacity building services for the benefit of children/young-people in Lambeth

Grant awarded: £30,000 a year for 3 years 2022-2025 - unrestricted; Cost of Living uplift grant for Year 2: £2,370

Young people at CEF Lyncx
CEF Lyncx members at the Green Hut, Brixton Windmill

CEF Lyncx is a youth charity in Lambeth led by its Founder with a new base at the Green Hut, next to Brixton Windmill. CEF Lyncx offers 1:1 virtual tutoring for Maths, English and Science alongside an extensive programme of in-person holiday activities and work experience, working with hundreds of young people each year from the local community in a safe, trusted and inclusive environment. Young people with Special Educational Needs are welcomed and activities planned around their needs. 90% of sessional staff are young people, including many former members, and they play an active role in helping design CEF Lyncx’s programmes. Some young people gain qualifications during this time including in Health & Safety at Work and Food & Hygiene, and CEF Lyncx gives them the opportunity to meet employers who are recruiting including the Police and local schools.

The Green Hut has been transformed by CEF Lyncx over the last year by a team of staff, local partners and volunteers creating a new kitchen, better indoor space,  a secret garden and putting up gazebos that all improve the quality of in-person activities, including being able to offer homemade hot food. Staff, parents and carers regularly share stories about the difference CEF Lyncx is making to young people and their families, and the centre is regularly visited by local and London-wide leaders including Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London in 2023.

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