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Our Open Fund partners - the difference they're making

In March 2020 and June 2022, we announced three year partnerships with a total of 13 local and inspiring charities, awarding unrestricted, multi-year grants of up to £30,000 pa each for three years totalling £1,145,000.  In 2023 we also awarded multi-year partners Cost of Living uplift grants and, going forwards, will link multi-year grants to inflation. We also formed one year partnerships with Home-Start Lambeth in 2020 and Brixton Wings in June 2022. You can read about these charities and their stories in these boxes below.

Here's what two partners said about receiving an unrestricted, multi-year grant from Peter Minet Trust: 

'Our work wouldn't be possible without unrestricted funding. Due to the complex needs of the people who use our services, we need to be very quick and responsive. Unrestricted funding allows us to look at the prevailing issues our community is facing and then respond, often by bringing in the community themselves to design and deliver services...Trust us to know best what our community needs.' - Felicia Boshorin, CEO, Spring Community Hub

''Our partnership with Peter Minet is exactly that - a partnership.  We feel able to be completely honest with them about challenges as well as triumphs.  The funding is truly unrestricted and we feel trusted to make the right decisions for our members.  This kind of relationship with a funder is rare and really valued by all at Westminster House.' - Katie Worthington, Westminster House Youth Club

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