St Matthew's Project

More than a football club: Friendship, Community, Family

St Matthews Project membersGrant awarded: £30,000 a year for 3 years: 2020-2023 - unrestricted; Cost of Living uplift grant £5,000

The St Matthew's Project in Brixton provides a safe and encouraging environment where 3-25 year olds can come together and enjoy structured football sessions and other activities.  What began as a kick-about in Brokwell Park is now a thriving youth project which offers a growing array of programmes and services to over 200 young people each week, bringing them together from 3 different housing estates, which historically would not have anything to do with each other. 

Our current activities include:

  • weekly turn-up-and-play sessions for both sexes
  • a Family Football and Literacy Programme
  • estate-based sports sessions
  • an anti-knife crime project
  • a Fit for Life programme combining free football with mental health and wellbeing workshops
  • free FA Coaching courses and a volunteering programme for those aged 16+

It is part of our ethos to offer those we work with more than just the chance to participate in a football project. We support young people to make the transition from sports participation to accessing further sporting, educational or employment opportunities as they get holder. 

Lee Dema, Project Coordinator, St Matthew's Project

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I don't know what I'd have done without St Matthew's. I've been involved with other football clubs in the past, but I've dropped out of all of them.  Somehow, I've stuck with St Matthew's and it's allowed me to continue doing what I love, even though I've had so many things keeping me away from doing it.  I just appreciate all the support.  I love the people I've met within St Matthew's. I've got the help I needed. It's just a team-building vibe. And it's lovely to help other people as well.  It's a charity full of lovely people.  It's a lovely environment to be in.  It brings people together and that's really nice.  Sabrina, aged 18, St Matthew's Project member