Strategic Grants Fund: Leadership, Leverage, Local

For partners identified by us


We work with local funders to collaborate and help leverage extra support for local organisations and charities.

We fund local organisations and charities, identified by us, sometimes in partnership with other funders. We contact organisations we’d like to consider for a grant.

IVAR (research agency and charity): £4,000

We made grants of £1,000 in 2022 and 2023t o the 'Open and Trusting Campaign' led by IVAR, a research agency and charity, and made further commitments in 2024 and 2025. The campaign calls for funders to adopt more open and trusting practices that make life easier for those they fund. 

Peter Minet Trust: £75,000 to the Southwark and Lambeth Community Response Funds

Southwark Community Response Fund (SCRF):

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, Peter Minet Trust and United St Saviour's Charity set up the Southwark Community Response Fund in March 2020, aligned to the London Community Response Fund.  Peter Minet Trust contributed £25,000 towards Wave 1 and Wave 2, and a further £25,000 to Wave 3, ring-fenced for grants to small, Black-led community organisations in Southwark.  From March to September 2020 United St Saviour's Charity and Peter Minet Trust leveraged a total fund of £589,000 from a range of local partners and the fund supported 64 local groups. You can read about this work, including some stories about the difference the grants made, in Southwark Community Response Fund's Final Report here.

Lambeth Community Response Fund (LCRF):

Lambeth Community Response Fund was set up by Walcot Foundation in April 2020,  aligned to London Community Response Fund. Peter Minet Trust was a partner and contributed £25,000 towards Wave 2 and Wave 3.

Here's a link to Walcot Foundation's report on the Lambeth Community Response Fund with stories of organisations funded. 

Data on Grants Awarded by Peter Minet Trust - and other funders including United St Saviour's Charity and Walcot Foundation