IVAR - Open and Trusting Campaign

A call for open and trusting grant-making

A campaign  has been launched by IVAR and London Funders, in collaboration with a group of UK foundations and charities, including Peter Minet Trust  They are calling on funders to adopt more open and trusting practices that make life easier for those they fund, in light of the un-going uncertainty caused by Covid-19.  Their ambition is to see these commitments extend beyond the crisis: to become standard practice in the sector. 

Peter Minet Trust is one of 50+ funders who have signed up to the eight commitments and joined a community of practice with funders and charities to improve practice together.  Find out more and sign up today: www.ivar.org.uk/flexible-funders

We're making 8 commitments to open and trusting grant-making:

1. Don't waste time

2. Ask relevant questions

3. Accept risk

4. Act with urgency

5. Be open

6. Enable flexibility

7. Communicate with purpose

8. Be proportionate