Open Grants Fund

Stages, deadlines and our relationship with charities - and sample forms

Three stages

1. Tell Us About You Form

A short on-line form that starts with an eligibility quiz, collects contact details and then asks three questions: 1. Why are you well placed to meet the needs of the people you want to help? 2. What difference are you making? 3. What do you want to do at the moment but can’t?  We don't ask you to request a size of grant. We talk to charities about this at the next stage.

Here's a sample Tell Us About You form. Please don't use this sample form to apply now - we'll add a link to our online application form when Round 2 opens. Thank you. 

If there's anything you don't understand, please contact us.

2. Stage 2 Application Form

We review the Tell Us About You forms and then ask a small number of applicants to fill in an on-line Stage 2 application form.  This form has two main questions 1. What are you doing at the moment to measure the difference you're making and what haven't you been able to measure that you'd like to? 2. Please share a couple of case studies that show the difference your work is making. The rest of the form helps us understand your operations and governance by asking who leads your charity, whether or not you have DBS checks and an up-to-date safeguarding policy (Yes/No/Not Applicable answers). We also ask you attach your current management accounts and safeguarding policy and have left room for you to add anything else you want to tell us. 

Here's a sample Stage 2 form. Please don't use this sample form as we'll send you a link to the online application form if you're invited to Stage 2 after our Open Fund re-opens. Thank you. 

3. Meeting You

We visit you to discuss how a partnership might work and understand your funding needs.

We’ll let you know we’ve received your application and when decisions are made.  We’ll give you feedback if we don’t award a grant.


Deadlines: 2020 - 2021

Deadlines for Tell Us About You form 2019-2020

What happens after the Tell Us About You form is received

Round 1:

26 Sep 2019

We let applicants know in November 2019 whether or not we wanted them to submit a Stage 2 online application form, with a deadline of 29 January 2020, ahead of a visit and final decisions in March 2020.

Round 2:


In September 2021 we will announce the date of our next deadline   

We know that the COVID-19 pandemic has put a severe strain on charities and the people and communities they support. Peter Minet Trust made Strategic Grants to London Community Response Fund (through Southwark Community Response Fund and Lambeth Community Response Fund) and worked with London Funders, United St Saviour's Charity, Walcot Foundation and other local funders to influence emergency funds. 

Our next Open Grants round will be later in 2021 and we'll publish the deadline for this in September 2021. We're very sorry this is later than planned but if you have any questions please contact us

Relationship with charities we fund

We’ll make it clear why we’ve awarded a grant.

We’ll agree with you how to communicate and this may include visits, phone calls and sharing reports.  We’ll tell you what we do with this information.

We’ll work with you to find a practical way of measuring the difference your charity is making.

We’ll encourage you to give us feedback and share any concerns; we want to understand your charity.