Our Open Grants Fund is Open!

Stage 1 Deadline: 20 January 2022: 5pm

We make unrestricted, multi-year grants to small, local and inspiring charities rooted in their communities that work only in Lambeth or Southwark.

We fund charities that bring communities together to overcome severe and multiple challenges.

We have six Open Grants Fund partners now, and aim to award multi-year grants to five or six new charity partners this time round. 


We're prioritising Black-led charities. By this we mean charities that are primarily led by Trustees and staff identifying as Black, African, Caribbean, Black British or Any Other Black, African or Caribbean background (more than half of Trustees and more than half of staff). Other charities should still apply. We hope that around four out of the five or six new partners will be Black-led charities.

Find out more - eligibility and more about our priorities

We also have information in our Frequently Asked Questions sections (FAQ) including how many applied last time and why some applicants were unsuccessful.

There's a link to our online form on the Apply page, but you can download a sample form to see what the questions are here

Questions and feedback?

If you've got questions once you've seen the information on our website, please email us. We can always arrange a time to talk.  We're on a journey as a funder to listen, learn and develop our practices and welcome feedback.



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