Peter Minet joins #FixtheForm campaign

100 Forms in 100 Days!

FixtheForm is a grassroots international movement to identify and fix the worst elements of funding application forms, as told by 500 voluntary groups and charities applying to funders for grants. 

The top challenge for grant-seekers - voted most often AND ranked as most painful - was not being able to see the full application ahead of time.  

FixtheForm’s campaign goal is for all grant-givers to have a downloadable, editable version of their application made available on their public webpage.  Peter Minet has posted sample forms of our our Stage 1 and Stage 2 forms on our Apply page.

You can find about other other challenges grant-seekers came across in summary here of who FixThe Form is, what it's found and its recommended checklist for funders. 

Join us!

We'd love other funders to join this  campaign! It's easy to do and makes a big difference to voluntary groups and charities applying to funders. Here's the link 100 forms in 100 days

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